“Lived Emptiness” retreat registrations closing Dec. 2

The Lotus Institute is offering a retreat on “Lived Emptiness, The Heart of Anti-Racism” which takes place, online, from Friday, December 4 to Sunday, December 6, 2020.  It is offered by Registration closes on December 2.  Go here to register.

Here’s the description:

Join Dharma Teachers Larry Ward, Peggy Rowe Ward and the Lotus Institute staff in a deep look at The Heart Sutra teachings. The Heart Sutra is about a deep understanding of our lives and our liberation from suffering. We will explore how this ancient teaching can illuminate our racialized suffering and its release.

The territory of our person is very large. The introductory verse of the Heart Sutra, describing the five aggregates of clinging provides a deep teaching on this territory. We will focus on how these five aggregates shine light on our racialized conditioning and its habit energies. Together we will engage in practices to sustain and enhance the positive disintegration of racial caste system, thereby releasing our precious energies to create the new by reclaiming our human sovereignty.