Eyes of Compassion

Our Sangha

Who we are

We sit together with the intention of increasing peacefulness and insight in families, our society, and ourselves. We have a wonderfully diverse group of practitioners, some with very little experience, others with many years of sitting. We come from all backgrounds, cultures and ideologies and have been drawn together by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Weekly Practice Format

Weekly practice format including Meditation.

  • 6:45: Gather and songs
  • 7:00: Begin with Welcome and Chanting
    • 20 minute guided sitting meditation
    • 20 minute walking meditation
    • 20 minute silent sitting meditation
    • Tea meditation
    • Reading from our Teacher
    • Dharma Discussion
  • 9:00: Closing with announcements and the Sharing of the Merit

I really enjoy the Denver Mindfulness community. I have been attending each Thursday and gained a deep sense of peace.

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